Oil/Acrylic Painting 油画/丙烯



  • The lesson will acquire the students the knowledge of light and colour, the ability to mix colour and painting techniques. Knowing what's the Primary, Secondary, Teritiary and Complementary Colours.

  • Age recommendation: 12 and above.

  • Class size: 1 teacher to 6 students. 

Difference between Oil & Acrylic Painting:

  • Oil painting uses oils and turpentine as painting mediums and solvent, dosen't dissolve in water. Slow drying, suitable for long painting period, fine and smooth.

  • Acrylics are water-soluble pigments, less suitable for fine details. Fast drying and easy to handle for beginners. 


  • 该课程将会提升学生对光线和色彩的认识与运用。何为原色、间色、复色、补色等等;颜色的调配以及作画技法。

  • 推荐年龄群:12岁以上和成人。

  • 班级人数:6人。


  • 油画通常以调色油和松节油为媒介和稀释剂,不溶于水。慢干,适合长时间作画,画面更加精致、细腻。

  • 丙烯为水溶性颜料,也能精细刻画,但稍逊于油画,优点是干得快,材料相对简单,易上手。