Sketching 素描


  • Sketching is the foundation for all art students to master modeling and understanding the light and shade relations.

  • There are 3 levels in general: 1. Beginner, students will start on geometric plaster cast object to train their basic plastic skill and observation on tones; 2. Intermediate, student will be practicing still object such as fruits, metals, glass made master different textures. 3. Advance, portraits, figures and animals, to acquire students the capabilities to achieve likeness and refine their artistry. 

  • Age recommendation: 12 and above.

  • Class size: 1 teacher to 6 students. 


  • 素描课程是绘画的基础,学生需要通过素描练习来掌握形体,明暗和光影。

  • 素描大致分为三个等级:1. 初级​,以临摹/写生石膏几何体为练习来快速提高学生的构图以及观察力;2. 中级,透过画各种静物,如水果,玻璃制品,金属......来掌握并表达不同的材质以及更深入了解明暗关系,虚实手法;3. 高级,入手人像、人体和动物,学生将熟练掌握造型能力,细腻的处理手法,将相似度、立体感以及画面的美感提升到极致。

  • 推荐年龄群:12岁以上。

  • 班级人数:6人